"It is my absolute pleasure to work with our families, youth, and community partners to together support and nurture all of our students." - Eric Guthertz, Mission High School Principal

Mission High School Strategy

Equity Centered Philosophy & Practices

We believe that a comprehensive, rigorous, student-focused education should provide the tools and inspiration for our students to create positive and tangible change in the world. Mission high school teachers, counselors, and administrators work to model inclusive practices and policies so that students learn to effectively participate in civic life and social justice movements. Anti-racist education is the bedrock of every Mission High School course and we are explicitly work to create a school culture that rejects practices of institutional racism.

Student Work is Focus

We believe in the pedagogical idea of student as worker and teacher as guiding coach. We know that our students learn best when they are actively engaged in their work and find relevance in their education. A typical Mission High School classroom is filled with the buzz of productive learning and student collaboration. All students are expected to demonstrate mastery of their skills and subject area knowledge through ongoing performance based assessments and culminating portfolios. Our students show what they know through real-world, hands-on applications of knowledge.

Community & Family Engagement

Families and community members are core to the fabric of the Mission High School community. We partner with more than 50 community based organizations who provide support, resources, and enrichment opportunities for Mission students. Mission High School families attend monthly drop in lunches with the principal, cultural events, and academic showcases. Mission parents are directly involved in the policy decision-making at the school through Site Based School Council (SBAC) and the Parent Association is comprised of deeply involved parents who work to raise funds on behalf of our students. Mission has a thriving Community Schools office which serves as the school's hub of activity and community outreach. Family and community engagement is central to our student success.

Post-Secondary Success

We believe that all Mission graduates should be well-prepared for college and career. Mission High School has dramatically increased the rates of college acceptance and retention over the past decade and we continue to set our goals even higher for college success in the years ahead. We know that our graduates will inherit a complex and unpredictable world and we expect them to be prepared to think critically and act nimbly as they navigate their future and find purpose and success in their careers. Mission High School runs a robust college and career preparation program that includes instruction in study skills and college preparation at every grade level, college counseling, and financial aid and scholarship support. Mission offers two thriving Career Technical Education (CTE) programs that help to prepare students for careers in media arts and urban agriculture.

Notable Success Metrics

College Enrollment

2013 77%

2010 55%

Graduation Rates

2013 82%

2010 69%

Academics: Grade Point Average

Mission High School 3.2

San Francisco Unified School District 2.6




African-American & Latino


Low Income

About Mission High School

As the oldest comprehensive public school in San Francisco, Mission High School is deeply proud of its long history of student achievement, inclusive community involvement, and commitment to the academic and social development of all of our students. The beautiful building, itself, stands as a symbol of the pride Mission High School takes in serving the youth of San Francisco, and of Mission High School's commitment to ensure all of its students walk across the graduation stage prepared and empowered to achieve their dreams and goals, whatever dreams they may be. This is a promise that each member of the Mission High School staff takes to heart.