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Mission High Foundation Funding Priorities

Mission HS After School Program and Youth Leadership

MHS Extended Day Program and Youth Leadership provides over 40 after school and extended day programs collaborating, aligning and intentionally partnering with teachers, families and communities to support all MHS students with Academic, Enrichment, Health and Wellness activities everyday after school. We strive to build strong, caring and impactful relationships between students, faculty and staff and between students and adults. Through the lens of equity, diversity, and social justice are committed to developing their skills needed for post secondary success while empowering their voices to become self sufficient leaders as they become active global citizens.

CTE Media Marketing Pathway

CTE Marketing (Media) Pathway at mission high school is designed to support the professional development for 11th and 12th grade students wanting to work in the Communication, Video production and Independent Media Industries. The job market is changing, many companies, organizations and schools are all searching for creatives who have a wide variety of skills. These individuals fall under several position categories; documentarians, communications, coordinators and program associates. The world requires more skilled technicians to craft and implement branding, social media campaigning and promotional online / video materials. Positions are opening up for organizations, startups and companies to hire an in house production person who needs to understand the tools and concepts in marketing, media and administrative organization.

Mission High School Food and Agriculture Program

The Food and Ag. program’s goal is to empower Mission students and their families to: 1) be active and engaged in food justice movements and, 2) to make healthy living decisions within the broader context of the economic, ecological, and social components of food systems. The Food and Ag. program frames food justice as a holistic issue within the context of these systems rather than a singular focus on nutrition or greening movements. Similarly, healthy living decisions take into account this holistic approach and includes the interconnection of food consumption (cooking, nutrition) and growing practices (organic/commercial, water use, and labor practices).

Newcomer Program

The Newcomer Pathway serves over 300 recently arrived immigrant students from over 50 countries and speaking 20 languages. It provides transition and language support, and in addition to addressing academic gaps due to differences in schooling systems, the Newcomer Pathway offers students resources to psychological, social, and financial services. Given the current climate and San Francisco's status as a sanctuary city, Mission High School is deeply committed to supporting, protecting and offering a safe and nurtured environment to all its students

Mission High Foundation Inaugural Dinner, May 13 2015

An inspiring and entertaining evening that offers an intimate experience of Mission High School, including the passion and creativity of its students, faculty, parents, friends, and partners.

Rachel Vigil, Mission High School Food and Agricultural Coordinator, and her students prepared a five star 4-course meal using produce grown on the school campus' organic farm.

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