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"Mission High Foundation provides immediate and measurable impact on the college application process" 

     - Director of MH Senior Seminar and College Program 

MH Student Visit to Cal 2023 2.JPG

The Mission High Foundation helps high school students access college -- beginning with college tours, then with applications, and, for those in need, enrollment deposits and other fees. 

College Tours - For many years, the Foundation financed the College Tour - a 4-day trip where 30+ students travel via bus over spring break to visit four colleges. The tour typically includes a visit to at least one UC, one CSU, and one private university. For many students, they are the first in their families who will attend college and this is their first opportunity to visit a college campus in person. We were disappointed when students weren't able to attend on-campus tours during the pandemic. This year, we were thrilled to partner with Mission Graduates, a community-based organization actively working at Mission High, to bring back the College Tour!

College Applications - Mission High Foundation provides funding for 150-200 college applications for students in Mission High's Senior Seminar class. By covering these fees, students are empowered, their odds of admission increase, and they broaden their reach.

Deposits & Fees - During the pandemic, when families were really struggling financially, it became clear that admitted students needed support to pay for enrollment and housing deposits as well as orientation fees. Mission High provided a bridge to get them to campus before student loans became available in the fall. According to the Director of MH Senior Seminar and College Program, "When students had second thoughts about enrollment, Mission High Foundation funding immediately removed these barriers.” We have continued to offer this additional support since 2020.

And the results of these investments are remarkable! Results for the 2023 college admission season are in and Mission High once again impresses. Mission High had the highest acceptance rate among California high schools to UC Berkeley. Of the 90 Mission High Seniors who applied, 39 (43%) were admitted. System-wide, of the 114 Mission High students who applied to the University of California, 92% were accepted. 85% of graduates are headed to college and, among those, 60% to a four-year university.

We are proud to support the college program at Mission High and even prouder of the students who have worked hard to earn their admissions and the staff who guided them along the way. Read more about the people and organizations helping Mission High students succeed in:

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