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Mission High Foundation is dedicated to supporting initiatives aimed at enhancing the educational experience at Mission High School. We focus on Educator Grants, the College Access Program, Career Pathway Programs, and School-wide Initiatives.


The Mission High Foundation puts more than $30,000 directly into classrooms each year by providing grants to teachers with innovative ideas for learning that may not be covered by normal classroom and school budgets.

The faculty knows what they need to engage and prepare students for graduation, and entry into college and other post-graduate vocational opportunities. We partner with Mission High faculty to identify initiatives and inject funding that will immediately and effectively benefit students.

Grants range from $250-$2,000 and tend to fall into one of three categories: academic enrichment, materials & equipment, or professional development. Educators may apply for multiple grants each semester to use for purposes both in and outside of the classroom. Whether buying books or materials for the classroom or funding field trips for experiential learning, the Educator Grant Program enhances the teaching and learning experience.


The Mission High Foundation helps create opportunities and awesome outcomes for Mission High students by providing funding for college campus tours, application fees, and enrollment deposits and other fees. Combining experiential opportunities and targeted financial support gives every student, regardless of their background, the tools they need to explore, apply to, and enroll in college. 

With at least 60% of the student body coming from low-income households, the need for financial assistance is undeniable.

Each year, the Foundation provides more than $20,000 toward the college tour, application fees, and enrollment deposits. These supports help to reduce barriers to applying and enrolling, motivate students to work harder, and inspire many to dream bigger!


Mission High School currently offers six Career and Tech Ed pathways: 

  • Environmental Science

  • Fire Science and EMS Academy

  • Media Arts

  • Peer Resources

  • Public Health

  • Urban Agriculture

The Mission High Foundation provides educator grants to teachers in each of these pathways which bolsters their programs. In addition, we provide pathway-specific capital infusions in order to accelerate the priorities of the programs. Recent examples include: 

  • Funding travel for students in the Fire Science and EMS Academy pathway to attend Outward Bound's Wilderness Training Program in Joshua Tree National Park.

  • Rewarding students for completing the national EMT certification program. Click here to learn more about these opportunities.​


The Mission High Foundation also provides funding to support school-wide initiatives, including field days, special events, facility rentals, maintenance & beautification of classrooms, and the acquisition of equipment such as desks, chairs, computers, and printers. We have previously provided funds for a maker’s lab as well as the wellness center. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided personal technology to make teaching and learning from home easier, and upon the return to school, we provided PPE.

Educator Grants that the Foundation has supported:

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